Mazes Can Look Simple And Colorful Too

Mazy Maze – Rotating Puzzles

A fun maze/labyrinth solving game for kids and adults with mind bending puzzles! Mazy Maze is a twist on the classic maze adventure with fun tweaks.
Tap on the screen and rotate the mazes. Avoid obstacles and try to take the star and solve the maze. Collect coins and unlock fun characters! Each level has different mazes and different shapes.

The most powerful music app for studying

Study Music – Memory Booster

Featuring advanced functionalities like adding alpha waves to your music, increasing cognition, adding nature sounds to your music, improving your memorization and more, Study Music is the study app you’ve been dreaming about. These features, combined with an amazing userface and eye-catching design, make Study Music the best way to relax, focus and just study. It’s a must have app for students, teachers, lecturers.

Realistic atmosphere sounds for studying

Study Ambience -ASMR Atmosphere

Move away from distractions around you with the realistic high quality ASMR environment sounds specially tailored for studying. You can study to your exam in a giant library ambience with smell of books, hang out in a peaceful cafe atmosphere, read your notes in an old train compartment, read a book by a cozy fireplace, listen ocean waves while memorizing your lines or breath fresh smell of grass with your favorite novel beside you. All with a simple tap to your screen and we will take you on a journey right away.

   2018 Klik Klak